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Our enthusiast team always happy to solve your problem.

Grow your business from nothing to something.

We feel proud of our super support 24/7.

No matter how big or small the problem is. We will try to solve everything.

Yes, you heard right. We manage your whole IT and solve your any IT related problems.

Our power is in our team

We have a great and enthusiast team to manage your IT work with AI/Machine learning, UI/UX, Website and mobile app developer, Server management, IoT.
We love to write code <3

Sumanta K.


Souvik H.

Mobile App/Web developer

Nabin S.

Web Developer

Bikram K.

Server Administrator

Atanu B.

Web/Database Administrator

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What They've Said

Sumanta and Bajcloud were fast to respond to the bid after a thorough review of the spec. Sumanta provided full visibility into the build process and was flexible and agile in making changes. We are very pleased with the professionalism, product quality, and timely delivery. We look forward to our next collaboration as soon as possible.

g Eric S. Alliance4data